Remember, from the 1st April you must pay $17.70, minimum, to all staff. If you have staff on a salary they should be recording their hours weekly to ensure they get paid above minimum wage each pay period. Paysauce automatically creates a TOP UP if it is under and applies this which works well.

Speaking of PAYSAUCE, for farm wages, these guys are the BEST in my opinion. They have it sorted, are SUPER helpful and have pay day filing under control. The fees are minimal and you only pay per PAYRUN so if you don’t pay wages that often, due to seasonal staff, you can have it all set up for when you need it.

End Financial year is just around the corner for some, a bit longer for others with non standard balance date as per most of my farmers. Remember when it does come around, on the last day of financial year you need to count your STOCK. Wether this is livestock or trading stock (If over $10,000), it needs counting.

If you have any bad debts, very sure certainty these will not be paid, you need to write these off before the end of the financial year. Please get in touch with me if you have any of these.