Often I talk to people who for a number of differing reasons are not 100% happy with their current accountant/bookkeepers.

But they are still reluctant to change! Changing need not be hard at all, and if you feel its time to move on, maybe it is?

We get you to sign a Letter of Engagement which sets out our terms and conditions and an IRD consent form that links you to our agency with all the details about your business that we need to get started.

You are more than welcome to contact your accountant to thank them for the service they have provided you, BUT, you do not have to if you feel uncomfortable. We write a letter to your existing accountant and organise the transfer of your information.

We get you set up on Xero, depending on your particular needs the monthly cost of this differs starting at $12 per month + GST. Contact us for a no obligation quote anytime. You get access to your Xero if you wish, and I work with you to ensure we all know what our roles are, and how best we work together moving forward. There is a bit of communication until we get everything up to date but then its very easy from there. If all your tax returns are up to date there is no extra charge for this from me, just the standard monthly fee.

Read my reviews from happy clients.

Everything is done in the cloud with you uploading invoices/receipts as they occur. No more wardrobes or filing cabinets (or shoe-boxes) full of paper 🙂

Get in touch today. My standard fixed fee is two hours per month at $55 per hour plus GST and the Xero fee. This amount seems to work for most businesses but yours may be more or less.

I can do all PAYE and GST returns and even pay your bills/employees if you wish, right up to completing and filing your Financial statements and Tax Returns. I can also provide you with a monthly report so you can see how things are tracking and if you need to be saving for tax or changing some things to make more profit. As I input/check the data through-out the year there is only a few hours needed to complete these so not a HUGE cost at year end.

Get in touch today via email, phone (0272 642 149) or facebook.