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Motor Vehicles within your business.

Owning a motor vehicle in a business can be a tricky thing to know what best to do. There are different rules for companies as opposed to sole traders or partnerships. I will try to go into this a little below, BUT if you have any specific questions please get in...

Why Hiring a Bookkeeper saves you money!

I found this BLOG on another site and its all very correct! Read below, the original link is at the bottom. There are a number of reasons why businesses can go out of business, however, bad money management remains #1! Often times in the beginning of starting up a...

Getting the Most out of XERO

FIRST TIP If you are unsure about anything PLEASE ask for help. As a bookkeeper it is a WHOLE lot easier to answer a couple questions to guide you in the right direction in the first place than to fix mistakes down the track. No question is a dumb one, we all learnt...

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